Direction & Manuscript: Mette Knudsen
Production: Nils Vest Film

Produced with the support from The Danish Film Institute & DR TV. 
© NILS VEST FILM & M/K FILM 2016. 106 min. Format 16:9. Genre: Documentary.


THE LONG ROAD played theatrically for an entire month. On DR TV, the film was aired as a series of 4 episodes.

The reviews were excellent:
**** "This movie is a cornucopia of feminism. A welcome eye-opener"/ Berlingske Tidende
**** "A poignant documentary"/ Kristeligt Dagblad
"An important and rich document"/ Politiken
"Pioneering work for feminism in Danish film"/ Kvinfo

The year 2015 was the centenary of Danish women´s right to vote. In commemoration of this historic event THE LONG ROAD was produced in 2016, focusing on the Women's Liberation Movements.- From the Danish and English suffragettes round the year 1900 up to the women libbers of the seventies and further to young women of today including queer feminists and women of other ethnic origins.

The two great women´s movements of the 19th and the 20th century have several points in common. Both movements are struggling to obtain formal rights as well as to obtain the right of self-determination over own bodies. Both occur in the wake of similar uprisings elsewhere in the world. And both start out being only a handful of activists who end up creating nationwide movements which crucially and forever have changed the living conditions of an entire population both legally, economically as well as sexually.